Synergy Texas is a network established in 2021 to bring together Internationally Trained Professionals, community partners who serve immigrants and refugees, and employers. Below you will find a full list of network benefits.  

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Free classes for Internationally Trained Professionals

Find free local courses to refer internationally trained professionals to. These courses help ITP’s to build a resume, practice interview skills, and more.  Use the Internationally Trained Professionals page to find local providers.

Employer Partners

Learn more about the advantages of engaging with Internationally Trained Professionals

Untapped talent in the State of Texas and beyond!

  • Unemployment data for high skills jobs
  • Interactive Data

Employer Benefits

  • Join Networking events and find qualified candidates
  • Save Money- Employment retention
    • Data
  • Employers in the Synergy Network

Community Partners

  • Spread the word about your mission
  • Help create a diverse workforce
  • List of Community partners in the Synergy Network
    • Govt. Agency, Chambers and Boards


  • World Education Services has been a champion in creating equity and inclusion for internationally trained professionals.

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